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Healdsburg Mini Dance #1 | Jakey Toor | April 2014

Healdsburg Mini Dance #2 | Jakey Toor | April 2014

Healdsburg Mini Dance #3 | Jakey Toor | April 2014



Rehearsing for Baile en la Calle: The Mural Dances 2014 with Cuicacalli. Brava. SF.

Cuicacalli @ Baile en la Calle


Photo Credit: Cuicacalli Dance Company

Above is a photo of the site where we’ll hold the first showing of our work in progress, later this May. The piece will be performed at Baile en la Calle: The Mural Dance, and take place in Balmy Alley.

Very excited! :)

Cuicacalli In The Studio: Working On The Desert Section

We’re in the process of creating a piece about migration and immigration and today we created solos set in the desert.

Cuicacalli Table Work (Jan 2014)

Below is some media from our work in the studio over the past few weeks, as we create a piece about migration and immigration. We’re trying to address as many aspects of immigration as possible and sometimes pretty heavy and dark themes surface. This past week we’ve been working with tables.



Cuicacalli, experimenting in the studio, in sepia (:-) November 2013

Cuicacalli: Developing Material In The Studio

Below is some media from Cuicacalli’s rehearsal this past weekend. We worked on a trio, a phrase that Jesus created, and some solos, all centered around migration and immigration: two themes our piece this season will touch on.

I feel lucky to get to work on choreography in the studio without a performance looming: it gives us the chance to experiment, to play, and to create a space for movement to emerge — instead of forcing or muscling it into being.

Thanks all, for a lovely rehearsal!

Jesus’ Phrase:

Working On A Solo:



Our Mission: No Eviction!

Today Cuicacalli took a break from rehearsals at Brava to participate in the Our Mission: No Eviction! rally on the corner 24th & York. As rents continue to rise and the Mission becomes more and more gentrified, many of it’s residents are being evicted. This is having an impact on the families of Cesar Chavez Elementary students as well as local artists that call the Brava Theatre home.

Flickr Set

Mini Dance - Mt. Tamalpais

Dancing on the Old Stage Road trail that winds down Mt. Tam.

Mini Dance - Biel, Switzerland

Dancing in the empty Stadt Kirche in Biel, Switzerland.

Mini Dance - Chicago O’Hare

On July 19th, my flight from SFO to Zurich was diverted. It landed in Chicago O’Hare at 4:00am. With an unexpected and considerable amount of time on my hands at O’Hare, I decided to dance :)

Dancing in Tracy

I am no stranger to the stretch of Interstate 5 that runs through the Central Valley. I make the drive from San Francisco to San Diego and back bi-annually and often choreograph in the car. Sometimes I take stretch breaks and try my ideas out along the side of the road. This particular mini-dance took places on July 15th shortly before dusk, just outside of Tracy.

National Endowment for the Arts Grant Media

It’s Luna’s grant writing season and they asked a few dance teaching artists who also have lives as professional dancers to share some media about their work. I’m working on a blog about my performative life at the moment and so this served as a great way for m to take stock of my solo performance work from back in day in San Diego,  and the company work I’ve recently begun with Cuicacalli here in San Francisco.

Below is the media that I sent them.


Dear Luna,
Below and attached is some media from my performing life and also what you requested via email. Most recently I started dancing with a company but I used to do solo dance theatre work back in the day, when I lived in San Diego. I’ve included links to both. Unfortunately I don’t have any short clips - they’re all full pieces - but hopefully it will be possible to extract what you’re interested in.

I have a blog for all my performance work (Jakey The Performative) that I’m in the process of creating right now, and here is my dance theatre CV. My personal website serves as a hub for blogs and undertakings of all kinds - pedagogical and performative.

Let me know if you need anything else.
Hope you’re having a great Summer and thanks for thinking of me :)
Quotes about LDSI from questions I answered for the Luna profile:

"When I started teaching dance at the K-5 level, I realized that I had been trained as a teacher, and as a dancer, but not as a dance teacher. I was drawing from pedagogy learned through the lens of other subjects, as well as my personal knowledge and experience of dance, but I felt like I had no real subject-specific methods to apply. All I could do was try to emulate my best dance education experiences, steer clear of what I’d experienced that didn’t seem to work, and tweak as I went along. This is one of the reasons I was so thankful for the LDSI experience; it felt like the training I would and should be getting if pursuing a dance teaching credential was possible.” (Voice Recording)

"The most substantial support I’ve received was through my Luna coach and  LDSI. It was my first and only experience with dance specific pedagogy and being part of a community that understood all of the things I was experiencing as an itinerant dance teaching artist. It’s been and continues to be invaluable.” (Voice Recording)

Awesome video of All School Dance @ Longfellow:
Longfellow: On The Floor @ Jump Rope for Heart (AWESOME Ground Level Footage!)

Old Video Projects from Grad School:
Memoirs of a Year Student Teaching - Jakey Toor